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logoBionX is a top-of-the-line kit that can be installed on most bikes. We work with Ken's Bike & Ski to either install a BionX kit on a new bike or on a bike that you already own. We have installed BionX kits on a wide variety of bikes and frame styles, including recumbent tandems, 3-wheelers, mountain bikes, cargo bikes and more.

Examples of some recent BionX installs by Swann Electric Bicycles

BionX System

The BionX kit consists of a rear wheel with the motor integrated in the hub, a battery, and handlebar-mounted console.

The BionX Console

Easy to use and easy to read, the BionX console lets you take control of your ride with responsive controls and accurate, timely information. Similar to a typical bike computer, the console mounts on the handlebars and displays your speed, remaining battery charge and your level of assistance or regeneration.

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The BionX Battery

The BionX Lithium Manganese (LiMn) rechargeable battery is safe, stable, light, and extremely compact. Depending on the battery you choose and your riding conditions, a single charge of the battery can last 15 to 80 miles. The BionX system includes a charger that allows you to recharge a fully depleted battery in about four hours. For long-distance commuting or cycle-touring just remove the battery and recharge it indoors.

The BionX Motor

The BionX motor is integrated into the hub of the rear wheel of your bike. Brushless hub motor -- no gears, no brushes for long life and optimal performance. BionX is one of the few e-bikes on the market with regenerative braking. For relaxing descents put your system into regenerative mode and coast downhill, recharging your battery as you go.

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